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    The Farley Team


Kelly Reichenbach

Office Manager

Kelly burst onto the scene at The Farley Company in March 2018. She has learned quickly and has taken on all of the Farley-specific office tasks including processing orders, correspondence, invoicing and many quality and regulatory matters.

Kelly comes to us after working at a Legal firm for almost two decades. She values spending time with immediate family - her Husband Al and rambunctious Border Collie mix dog, Snoopy. Kelly not only has a great sense of humor, but she also appreciates the fine art of sarcasm. She loves to travel - anywhere - is a huge Music-Lover and ConcertGoer, and enjoys theme/entertainment parks, especially Universal Studios in Florida.



Mark Lippucci

Chief Financial Officer

Meet Mark Lippucci. Mark has been with the company since 1993. Mark graduated from Cleveland State University and is a Certified Public Accountant. Mark is a partner in the business and takes responsibility for almost all office activities. Mark’s creativity and diligence has helped grow The Farley Company consistently year after year.

Bill Crockett

Account Executive

Bill started with The Farley Company in the spring of 2001. He and his cohort Jimmy quickly became the “heart and soul” of the sales team here. Bill’s honest and ethical approach has made him a favorite amongst our customers. His work ethic and cheerful attitude has made him a favorite here as well.

Jim Kusmisz

Account Executive (Certified Lubricant Specialist)

Jimmy also started here in the spring of 2001. He and Bill have worked as a team for over 30 years. Jim is a Certified Lubricants Specialist. Achieving this milestone is no easy matter. If there is a question about lubes Jim has the answer. Jim is driven by customer service. If you need it, Jim will do everything to make sure you’re taken care of.
Raymond Oxford Jr.

Customer Care (Delivery)

Jr. has been here since 1990. He too is a second generation employee. His Dad (Raymond) worked here for decades prior to his arrival. No schedule is too rough for Jr. He is always willing to start early and work late. If you need it, Jr. will make sure you get it!
Matthew Boso

Customer Care (Warehouse)

Matt has worked here since 1996. His common sense attitude and sense of humor always amuses customers and suppliers but when it comes down to doing it the right way, he follows through. His attitude is “make no mistakes”. That attitude shows when it comes to quality assurance for our products.
Matthew Horning

General Manager

Matt started his career here in 1998. Matt can do any job here and many times is asked to! His attention to detail and memory cause many of us to ask, “how do you remember that?” He is always willing to take on responsibility and he follows through.
Derek Horning

Customer Care (Warehouse)

Derek began part time in 2006. We quickly realized that we should get him full time as he immediately made himself too valuable to let get away. His friendly attitude makes him a pleasure for all of us and our customers that prefer to pick up their materials. Derek is also a second generation employee and has worked with his Dad (Matt) for many years now and for many more to come.

Don Woods

Customer Care (Delivery)

Donnie came on board at Farley in May of 2016. He began by learning all facets of the warehousing and operations systems, and has become a reliable member of the Farley group. Don is now on the road every day delivering Farley products.  
Dale Norris

Customer Care (Delivery)

Dale has been with us since 1993. You would probably know Dale if you receive your products in bulk as Dale takes responsibility for most all of our tank truck deliveries. He can and will do most any task but most of his time is spent on the road. It doesn’t matter what truck or what delivery we can count on Dale to get it done.
Michael Burrows


I am also a second generation employee. I worked with my Dad (Bob) and brother (Chris) since the late 70’s. I started here part time while still in high school. I continued working part time while I got my degree in Business Administration.

My career started as a warehouseman, then on to truck driving before moving into the office in the middle 90s. My father retired in 1994 and my brother retired in 2010. I’m proud of the company and its employees. We’ve been blessed to work together for so many years. We combine for 116 years of service. 


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