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Shell™ MorlinaŽ Bearing & Circulating Oils

MorlinaŽ S2 BL Oils

Shell Morlina S2 BL oils are special low viscosity, solvent refined mineral oil blended with zinc-free additive, to provide extended performance in the high speed spindles of machine tools.

10; 22     PAIL / DRUM

MorlinaŽ S3 BA Oils

Shell Morlina S3 BA oils are premium quality rust & oxidation inhibited lubricating oils providing excellent lubrication in MorgoilŽ bearing & steel mill circulating systems.

100; 150; 220; 320     PAIL / DRUM

MorlinaŽ S4 - Synthetic

Shell Morlina S4 Oils -formerly OmalaŽ RL Synthetic- are produced from synthetic hydrocarbon base fluids in combination with selected synthetic ester base fluids to produce high performance lubricants for severe operating conditions. These base fluids, along with carefully selected additives, offer performance far superior to that of bearing and gear fluids blended from conventional petroleum fluids.

320; 460    PAIL / DRUM
68; 150; 220    PAIL


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