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Shell Turbine & Natural Gas Engine Oils

SHELL - TurboŽ

Shell Turbo Oils T are premium quality lubricating oils designed to provide excellent lubrication of precision turbines and many other industrial applications. They contain proven additives to protect equipment against rusting and to resist oxidation for long service life.
Shell Turbo Oils T are available in four ISO viscosity grades from 32 to 100.

T32; T46; T68    PAIL / DRUM

Shell Natural Gas Engine Oils 

  • MysellaŽ LA  Premium Low Ash Oils
  • MysellaŽ Premium Low Ash Oils
  • MysellaŽ HPMedium Ash Oils
  • MysellaŽ Premium  Ash-Free Oils
  • MysellaŽ XL Long Life Stationary Oils 


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