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Frequently Asked Questions

QIf I place an order today, when will it be delivered?
AWe typically schedule deliveries with a lead time of 2-3 days. If the product is needed in a rush, we will do everything possible to deliver the order immediately.

QIs there a minimum purchase required for delivery?
AWe will provide free delivery for most products on orders over $200.

QAre there any other charges added for delivery?
ABecause of fuel market volatility, we have instituted a nominal Fuel Surcharge (FSC) for most orders.

QCan I pick up my order from Farley?
AYes, our Will Call Dock is open from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM daily. Most orders can be picked up the same day.

QWhat quantities can I purchase from Farley?
AMany products can be purchased in amounts ranging from hundreds of gallons in bulk, to drums, kegs and pails. Some products are also available by the case containing individual bottles or cans.

QWhat is Farley's policy when it comes to billing us for drum charges?
AThere is no deposit required for Five Star and other Oil Drums. Deposits for different types of product drums will vary, but our typical deposit is around $25.00.

QWhat are your credit terms?
AOur terms for established/approved credit accounts is net 30 days, but we also accept major Credit Cards, and of Course, check or cash (C.O.D.).

Go to the Customer-Forms section to download a credit application.



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