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CAM2 Transmission Fluids

ATF D/M   

CAM2 ATF D/M is a multipurpose automatic transmission fluid especially designed to meet the service requirements of a wide variety of applications. CAM2 ATF D/M is designed for newer generation, electronically controlled transmissions. It is suitable for use in transmissions built by General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Ford (except where Type F required), and most foreign manufacturers, where a DEXRONŽ III H, DEXRONŽ III G, DEXRONŽ IIE, MERCONŽ, or Type A Suffix A performance level transmission fluid is specified. CAM2 ATF D/M meets the performance requirements of Allison Transmission Division C-4, and major hydraulic manufacturers requirements for anti-wear hydraulic fluids.

Case - 12 X 1 Quart



CAM2 MULTI-VEHICLE SYNTHETIC BLEND ATF is a premium performance synthetic blend ATF blended with an advanced additive system for automatic and powershift transmissions. It can be recommend to give Trouble Free performance where DEXRONŽ-III (H), DEXRON III, MERCONŽ, MERCONŽ V, ATF 7176 +3, +4, Allison C-4 and Caterpillar TO-2 fluids are recommended. CAM2 MULTI-VEHICLE SYNTHETIC BLEND ATF is formulated to provide protection that meets or exceeds the highest quality standards in the industry. Carefully balanced friction modifiers allow friction retention for long life performance and maintain the smooth lock-ups required by a wide variety of vehicles.

Case - 12 X 1 Quart  /  Drum / Bulk

Full Synthetic ATF  Multi-Vehicle

CAM2 Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF provides a new innovative solution to all your ATF needs. This Uni-Viscosity Full Synthetic fluid is a universal ATF that combines the benefits of low and high viscosity formulations into a single unique fluid. CAM2 Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is specifically designed for use in modern automatic transmissions. It is a low viscosity formulation that meets the strictest OEM specifications for both low and high viscosity applications. A Uni-Viscosity universal ATF that can be used in most applications.

CAM2 Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is recommended when the following specifications are required: DEXRON VI, DEXRON III (H), DEXRON III, DEXRON IIE, MERCON LV, MERCON SP, MERCON V, Hyundai SP-IV, Toyota WS, Mercedes 7 speed, and Nissan Matic S trans-mission fluids.

Case - 12 X 1 Quart / Drum

Full Synthetic ATF


CAM2 SYNAVEX Synthetic Transmission Fluid is a premium quality, fully synthetic transmission fluid. CAM2 SYNAVEX Synthetic Transmission Fluid, uses a scientifically formulated combination of superior quality, synthetic base oils and state-of-the art additive technology to provide a truly outstanding synthetic transmission fluid that is designed to extend equipment life and drain intervals while lowering your maintenance and downtime cost. CAM2 SYNAVEX Transmission Fluid meets the requirements of Eaton PS-164, Rockwell 0-81, Eaton and Rockwell 500,000 mile warranty.

Pail / Keg / Drum 


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